Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Color Palette Pics of the week

Recently I discovered a new site Pinterest that allows you to catalog all of your  favorite images found almost anywhere on the web.  I wrote about it for the first time back in October.   Since then I have found so many beautiful photos and photos of beautiful things that I've got quite a collection!

One of my "boards" (think file) is just for color palette ideas so I thought I'd show you some of my favorites this week.

This image is from the blog hapahale The bowls are from Mud Australia:

This was found on You Can Make It Easy and was created by the artist Katharina Trudzinski:

This image is from Color Collective curated by  Lauren Willhite. If you want new ideas in terms of color this is the place to go. I love the pairing of the nude with the red and blues.  She finds so many unlikely color combinations that are beautiful together and inspired by art and images.

I want a room that feels like the colors in this bunch of posies: other-worldly.


See more images on  my boards at Pinterest You might get hooked and it takes up less room than a pile of tearsheets from magazines.

I hope this gave you some ideas or maybe just a much needed break to look at pretty things.
Have a good week!