Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Start of the Sunshine Day Afghan

A couple months ago I was on one of my favorite blogs Posie Gets Cozy and saw that she (Alicia Paulson) was making the most scrumptious blankie I'd ever seen.  Okay- my kids are too old for blankies but I figure they can use it as a decorative piece on their little beds.... I was obsessed with tracking her progress on the thing and after  she completed is I went to her site and  bought the pattern !  That was back in February.

This is her blankie:
Sunshine Day Afghan by Alicia Paulson

You can get the pattern and read more about it here.    Soooooooo finally I decided it was time to make the blanket.  Since I'm "here and there"this summer I wanted something that could travel easily and I figured this would be the thing.   Now for the color palette. I really loved her use of neutrals for the outside border of each  square so I worked from that idea to start with.
For all the other colors I looked at the cool blog Color Collective.    Lauren Willhite of Color Collective posts beautiful photos from mags, books,the web and who knows where else and then creates a palette that she pairs with it.   Here are some of my favorites:
Creature Comforts via Color Collective

Jen Gotch via Color Collective

I used these paleettes to create my own combo platter, bought a ton of yarn and starting the crocheting! Will be back to report with some samples of the  squares I've made!! Stay comfortable and cool.  Enjoy the last month of summer. Can't believe it's almost over.     xxo