Monday, February 28, 2011

Garland everywhere and it's not Christmas Sista!

Yesterday my kids decided they would create little fairy party houses so that their personal fairies could visit, have a snack and leave a little somethin' for the girls.... It was hinted to me numerous times before bed... Anyway I played  along and decided to try my hand at making garland.... First I started with little scraps of fabric and ribbon and hung that on one of the little houses. then for the other I had scraps of printed paper and a butterfly punch.  They sailed beautifully through the sewing machine...   and here's how they turned out:

You might have noticed there's a lot of garland/hangy things  - and not of the Christmas type.... but garland made out of everyday and not so everyday items.   I just found this post by CreatureComforts where she has a DIY Garland Roundup.   Lots of fun ideas.

J. Crew  recently opened a  Crew Cuts just around the corner from us in Tribeca. They seem to have caught the garland bug as well.  Here are a couple photos:

Even the curtain for the changing room has fringe!
The  garland-fringe  and pinatas are creations  made by the team at  Confetti System.  You might have seen their work in the Winter CrewCuts catalogue .

I've also been seeing them lots in the magazines and other websites .  These are just a few photos I've collected on Pinterest.  Check them out... It's great way to file your bits of inspiration!

Well- you get the point. Fringe, Garland, hanging stuff. Lottsa fun!!