Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Fave Furnishings I'd like to bring home

 Getting up at the crack of dawn , preparing snacks, making sure everyone eats some breakfast, getting the kiddles off to school  with many complaints from my youngest who has champagne tastes. (we have a 45 min subway ride and she would prefer the $25 cab ride every morning-- hey who wouldn't?) then rushing home (another 45 min subway ride) to clean up , pay bills, make dinner then back on the train to pick them up,  get home , strongly encourage homework completion, dinner, bathe, ready for bed then sleep. You get my drift.

Anyway  it occurred to me that in these times of uncertainty and our new love for saving for the future maybe  posting photos of the things I'd love to own one day could be almost as good as actually getting the stuff!!  Sometimes I look at a particular item in a store or in a magazine and after awhile I feel like I already own it.    So for this week here are some  favorites that have stayed with me over the past year. (or 10)...

1. artichoke lamp- I have no where to put it but I love this lamp!! Gorgeous hanging from a very high ceiling.  A friend of mine has it so I get to admire it  when I visit her.

Artichoke Lamp by Louis Poulsen (1958) at ylighting

2. Eames chairs- I think it could be fun to mix these with other classic chairs around a dining table. I'd want the old fiber-glass chairs instead of the modern molded plastic.  I know they aren't that  environmentally green but I love the patina they get.... this one is a molded plastic chair from

3. Paul Smith Wall hanging- I've wanted one of  these for ages for the girls room.

both available at the rug company

4.Mats Gustafson Fashion illustration- I will never tire of his work!

Victor & Rolf by Mats Gustafson

5. Wishbone chair- an either/or with the fiberglass Eames chairs...

What I have to do is get rid of my dining room chairs and table.... eek they make me crazy.

For now these will just have to stay on my wish list and sometimes that's just enough!