Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pouf Pouf Baby!

This is my second try at the pouf.  My first attempt was back in May where you can see the results here.  So far I have used  Burly Spun  yarn and used 4 strands of yarn as one strand.   I used the biggest crochet hook I could find. For the first pouf I noticed that the more the kids played with it and rolled it around there was  lots of pilling and it was getting kind of worn out looking . It was also stretching out and I  could see the foam pillow inside.  It wasn't dense enough.

These are photos of my new version using single crochet pre-felting.  I already like this better because I used single crochet throughout instead of double so it's much more dense. I also made the reverse side the outside of the poof.

views of the poof
Could even use it as a dog bed...

I had sewn most of it together and left an opening for the foam pillow insert before throwing it in the hottest water possible in my washing machine.  I had created a woolly mass of wet wool. After taking (actually felt like I was dragging) it out  of the washer it gave off an odeur de farm...  It literally smelled like a barn every time I passed our little laundry room.   I have a ridiculous, delicate, vent-less dryer which was pathetic for drying this thing.... I finally decided to just put our bathroom radiator on high and put the wool blob on it.  Two days to dry!! Thankfully there was no mildew smell... Now here is the end result after washing and felting it:

It's much denser and less likely to pill.  I still have to sew in the foam pillow on the first pillow I made (it is now also felted ) but this is what they look like stacked.  Just have to make a 3rd to finish the stack... (Any collection or grouping should be an odd number.  It always looks better!)

I'm seeing more poufs in my future. Everybody who sees them likes them - especially the kiddies that come to visit on play dates....

Have a good weekend!

Xo S.