Sunday, May 9, 2010

My poof/lozenge

 So I finally finished my poof (sp?) I had this idea of big lozenge-y things you could pile in the corner and when the kids want to sit in a circle or watch TV or just play around they could sit comfortably or just roll these things around. I bought this extra thick yarn and did this pretty imperfect circles.  I loved the color combination and had been wondering where to use it.... I'd like to make 2 more and pile them up to see how they look. I finished this last night and really didn't like it until I brought it to the living room and the kids couldn't keep their hands off of it!!  L and J had a friend over and I had to take it away because they were all getting bratty about it. Guess I have
 to make some more.... but I'm going to try all single crochet. not sure why on the orange side there are all those gaps and hardly any on the pink side.   I think I need to add a handle of some sort on the side as well. The kids immediately started dragging it around on the floor and rough- housing.  One down, lots more projects to go!!!
The finished product!!