Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At Home with Turquoise

So I am finally finishing the follow up to my turquoise finds on the web with those that I have found at home. It took me long enough!!  Not so surprisingly I tend to choose that color a lot. I set up a couple still- life's using the new skills I learned on BYW @ Decor8.  This is the first time so it's not exactly as I envisioned it.  I used http://picnik.com to adjust color, exposure and saturation on the photos and to create the collage as well.  And here is what I got:

Over the years I've collected this beautiful blue milk-glass I've found on ebay and in flea markets and also some art pottery which I laid on its side and filled with goose feathers found in the fashion district.  On the top left photo are some button cards I found in the Paris flea market years ago... finally came in handy!!  To the right of the buttons is a "lenticular" by the artist (and good pal)  Maryann Strandell.  She is an amazing artist and these photos don't do her justice. Check out her website!!  I realize she too tends to favor the same blues I do.   I also added some of my collection of Gustavsberg Argenta.  Argenta is an art pottery in this unique blue and inlaid with sterling silver.  Very findable on ebay.  The little funny house were made with my Color-Aid paper from my years at Art School... Finally a way to use them. Found the pattern for the house on the web and made them during a play date here.

In addition to the above here are some magazine tears that remind me of the turquoise blue:

Ice Sculpture: set design, Rhea Thierstein, Boat, Shona Heath via Vogue

Dress by Phoebe Couture

 Well that's all the turquoise for now.... if you still haven't had enough go to House of Turquoise and look at all variations leading to and from turquoise!      Or stop by decor8blog for today's post on creating still- life's and choosing images.