Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Picniking in Pinks

After adjusting for color and exposure

I've just discovered picnik. It's a great editing tool for  us "photoshop-challenged" people. You can use it to edit photos by exporting photos from your computer.  Or you can download photos to flickr which offers picnik as the editing software.  I took this photograph this afternoon in natural light which was not sufficient... so I uploaded it to flickr, then used picnik to correct the exposure and played around with the some of the effects.   I love how this turned out using the "gritty" effect.

gritty tutu DSCN6313

 I bought this little tutu for my daughter, and like many other things I've bought  for her, I realize I should  just admit is for me   Beautifully made, simple and romantic.  Not the Barbie chemical pink kids adore for some reason... She's worn it once (at my urging )and I love how it looks hanging on my wall in my work room!!

In case you'd like to get something similar for your kid or just want to hang it on a wall the tutu is by Wovenplay. They design beautiful vintage-inspired costumes for children. Something to aspire to.... Eventually, I will definitely put this safely away for my daughter to give to her children. Guess that means I should buy another one for my youngest as well. It's only fair...