Sunday, October 3, 2010

Magazines to inspire....

I haven't been able to write on my blog lately.  Too much back-to-school stuff with my kids, catching up on paperwork ignored over the summer and following an e-course (Blogging Your Way) with Holly Becker  of decor8blog.  

Anyway I was recently on Holly's blog and read her post House Beautiful + Expat Thoughts on Decorating 
 For her, House Beautiful is the go-to magazine to see  American- style  interiors and decorating trends now that she lives as an ex-pat  in Germany.  It's also a kind of way to lessen her occasional homesickness for the U.S.  At least that's what I read into it....
I thought it would be interesting to make it a kind of conversation.... Hopefully Holly will read this and hopefully you will read my posting as well as hers.... So here are my go-to magazines.  I keep every issue of each of these subscriptions because I find them to be such great references and each time I look I find something new that I missed the last time.   If only I had saved all my Domino and Blueprint issues as well!!   These magazines  are also great when I've been so immersed in day-to-day living and forget to give myself some to time to do some of my own thinking, day-dreaming and creating.  They somehow push me along and get me motivated.

Top of my list:
World of Interiors

World of Interiors covers a wide variety of subjects. Not just Modern Design- Design throughout the Ages.  I've  gotten color palettes, discovered artists and architects and even inspiration for  great craft ideas from this magazine.  Sometimes an old issue will feel totally "new".  I hope that isn't the alzheimers speaking!!  

Next on my list: Milk Magazine  This is a French magazine about Children's fashion which I love but what really caught my eye is their attention paid to interiors.  There is almost always a section on somebody's living space  and the interiors are so creative, homey and effortless looking to me.   Something to aspire to!

The magazine is great for inspiration and ideas. Now I just have to follow through and create a room like this for my girls!

Lastly, after  BluePrint and Domino folded I had to find some sort of replacement and Living Etc.
is filling that gap.

Can you guess who is on the front cover???  I love this magazine. It's the British point of view which is also effortless, creative and quirky at the same time.
They also have a fun blog you might want to check out

What are your favorite magazines?   Are there some that bring you back to earth or maybe away from it ? Make you think about different ways of doing and seeing things?  Inspire you and boost up your spirits?

 Hope this gave you some ideas as well.  Time to run off to bed. I tired!
xo Suzanne