Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alexander McQ

I found this photo (bottom image ) on  pinterest and traced it back to the fun blog iiiinspired and couldn't resist sharing!
First the as an illustration:
Illustration by eri the mermaid*

 Now for the real thing:

Jacket by Alexander McQueen, Photo by David Slijper via iiiinspired.blogspot.com

Gorgeous right?  My life right now is soooooo far from Fashion but this is too beautiful to resist.  Alexander McQueen recently died, taking his own life.  Apparently he led a tortured existence but was a brilliant designer.   Genius and Depression are so closed linked and I guess always have been.  Too bad his work couldn't buoy him through it....

I couldn't post linkbelow the fashion illustration for eri the mermaid but you can find it here: *http://erithemermaid.blogspot.com/search/label/alexander%20mcqueen