Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barbie through the lens of a Nikon Coolpix P100

So I finally broke down and got a camera that I think I will like better than the one I've had for the past year.  Granted- not exactly the best time to be getting a new camera but I just couldn't stand the pics I was getting with the Panasonic Lumix I bought with points from Diner's Club.... I read all the reviews, did all the research and still got it wrong!! My biggest complaint was the 3Xzoom- what was I  thinking? and the fisheye lens.... of course when I blogged drawbacks for the Lumix this came up as an issue. This time i didn't do one iota of research except believe what the sales guy said at J and R. It's much better but still not small enough to fit into a pocket.... oh well. 

Her are some more versions of 50's Barbie.  Saw this in a window at one of the vintage/antique stores on East 9th and Ave A the other day.
Had to show Barbies' bazooms.... Isn't she fab?  Ok. more later . Am making a cute little dress for my soon to be 10 yr old Laura...