Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Geek Sewing Tools

So after sewing from the age of 12 and going to art school to get a degree in Fashion Design I have found 2 new fabulous tools I love!! All produced by Clover which is a Japanese based company so of course these are great!!    First I discovered this tailors chalk.  It makes perfect lines- not all blurry like the ones you see with the wax/chalky thing....  I also can't live without Clover Ball Point Awl
It's this point-y thing that has a sort of ball point and is great for evening out the gathers while you are sewing.  Can't believe it took me this long.

The last thing (until I buy my next tool) is the clover stuffing tool.
This is great for stuffing little amigurumi animals and just digging into a corner when turning something out to the right side.

I also just finished a dress for Laura and I LOVE it. Can't wait to post it but have to take some pictures.

Tomorrow I'm off to Ikea to try and find some fun props for Laura's 10th birthday party- Alice in Wonderland is the theme.  I'm thinking crazy tea cups, mini lights, glitter. All the girls will come dressed up as their favorite character. Laura will be the White Queen.

Now I'm going to go back to the Clover website to find another gadget I can't live without then off to bed... trying to get to bed earlier these days!