Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My granny square pillow is finally completed...

I keep meaning to put this picture up because I finished my Koigu wool pillow.
 I am so glad I didn't pursue a whole blanket.... could have taken forever and I was ready for the next thing.  In the end I decided to make it a pillow 14x18".  I bought the insert at Economy Foam and Futons on West 8th St in NYC and based the size on that.   I decided the little blanket had to cover the front of a grey flannel pillow cover.  I happened to have some fabric left over from a jacket I made as my final project in tailoring at  Parsons 10 years ago... The fabric made a beautiful case - kinda want to make another one like that or a series in different menswear fabrics.   I used the koigu yarns as well as some glitzy gold yarn (maybe a mistake?) and
Detail view- I decided I like the "wrong" side better.
some mohair.   I also decided that I liked the back side of the granny square blanket.  The correct side was too delicate/girly looking so in the end the back turned out to be the winner!

the back of my pillow.
 this looks a bit disjointed but I'm still learning about the blogging thing....  My next posting will be about Tunisian crochet.  It's pretty cool and you rarely see it anywhere at least I haven't seen much!