Friday, July 5, 2013

Intarsia knitting - Adding texture to a collage wall

I've been thinking about other ways to use knitting- not quite like the yarn bombing (so wish I'd come up with that idea!), based on this sample I made for a knitting class I took at Parson's ages ago.

We were learning how to intarsianize (ok, so not a verb but thought I'd try) or create a design using the intarsia technique in knitting.  What is intarsia anyway?
intarsia : noun \in-ˈtär-sē-ə\
1 : a mosaic usually of wood fitted into a support: also: the art or process of making such a mosaic.
2 : a colored design knitted on both sides of a fabric
Origin - German, modification of Italian intarsio
First Known Use: 1867

"intarsia." 2013. (3 July 2013).

I like to display artwork as a collage.  Symettrical can be good too but I like to mix it up:

The latest trend is to add texture to a wall collage : fabric, industrial size vintage lettering, icons etc...
So, I'm adding my version of texture by creating a collection of intarsia knit framed images.  The planning has begun....

That's it for now - the sun is out and it's a gorgeous day so I'm going to take advantage now!!  More on all of this later!