Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gone Lavender Picking...

Lavender  NOUN  /ˈlævəndə(r)/ 

1 : a a Mediterranean mint (Lavandula angustifolia syn. L. officinalis) widely cultivated for its narrow aromatic leaves and spikes of lilac-purple flowers which are dried and used in sachets and from which is extracted an aromatic oil used chiefly in perfumery
b : any of several plants congeneric with true lavender and used similarly but often considered inferior
     2 : a pale purple

I have always wanted to go lavender picking.  I just didn't know I could do it so close to my home (town).  We visited Yule Love Lavender in Leonard Michigan. 

After picking lavender, playing a couple rounds of lavender bingo and drinking lavender lemonade we gathered our bunches of lavender and headed home.  Next on the list is a visit to Greenfield Village.