Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Purple Party at Martha Stewart

Last week I was invited to attend the taping of Pippa's * Purple (Birthday) Party on the Martha Stewart Show.  Not a usual occurrence, for shore!!   I brought a pal along and because we were due 45 minutes prior to airtime we were able to see everyone (in purple of course) put the finishing touches on the set.  Here are photos of preparation moments before going on air:


Darcy Miller, mother of 3, party planner extra with lots of creative ideas!  I'm always a sucker for themed birthday parties and this did not disappoint!!

[All Photos below - Photo credit: Rob Tannenbaum/The Martha Stewart Show]

We saw some great ideas for favors and decor:

What would a purple party be without  cassis creme whoopee pies?

  David Crofton ( co-owner with his wife Dawn Casale ) of  One Girl Cookies in Brooklyn demonstrated how to make these whoopie pies  

And one of the crafts was a must-make project. You'll never guess how its done so check on Martha's website!!

 There were so many great  ideas too many to list here but all this and more can be found on the  Martha Stewart website.

You too can attend a show by going to the Martha Stewart website.  It's lots of fun and an
"only- in-New York"experience!!

In the meantime I'm working on a Hawaiian Luau Party for my youngest.  Ideas and photos to follow soon!

Have a great week.  More Martha later!
xo CP

* Pippa is Darcy's youngest .  I'd say she is her mother's mini-me. You can see Pippa too on the Martha Stewart website.