Friday, March 2, 2012

My Martha Moment- at last!!!

I'm in the middle next to Martha and that's Darcy with her little Pippa.
The two ladies to my right  are behind the blogs  and Nat the Fat Rat.

 On Wednesday I wrote a post about  Pippa's Purple Party on the Martha Stewart Show. I was able to see it all unwind in- person!!  Living in New York I've been to a few of these kinds of day show tapings and this was hands-down the best I've seen.  The set was buzzing with activity  right up to the moment the show went live. Afterwards we were given a tour of the "backstage" area. We couldn't take pictures but Martha actually suggested that someone take this photo of us bloggers!!

 Thanks Martha!!

Afterwards we were  able to see all the prep and staging areas.  An area the size of a suburban kitchen was set up for all things cooking, food and flowers.   There was a room full of just jars and vases. Beautifully arranged of course and in blocks of color. Would have made a great photo!!

 We also walked by the "Green Room" where guests wait their turn, beautiful dressing rooms with shower too, and Martha's office (at least in that building).  She was serenely sitting at her desk discussing something with some of her staff and all I could think was how does she do it all?  How is she able to cram all that information and knowledge into her brain and manage to run a company, have a TV show, magazine etc, etc. ?  I guess we just have to count ourselves lucky that she can do it all!!  She has changed- NO,  revolutionized the way Americans think about their homes and the time they spend there.  It all made me a little f-klempted and nostalgic for those Sunday mornings when Martha had a show on Sunday mornings.  I couldn't wait to get up and see what she had planned  to show us how to do, what to see, and where to go.

All I know know now is that I gotta re-work that coat of mine. Ugh I'm my mother in her trench coat!!  I just need a pack of Tareytons and galoshes to finish off the look.  Sorry Mom but that was you in the the 70's, remember?   Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Oh well, so much for glam!

Thanks chickens... on to the next thing now!!