Thursday, March 8, 2012

Underground Art - Culture on the Run

I'm on my way to Christine Chin Day Spa to get my brows done (yes, Christine Chin the eyebrow-nazi) and because of some funny logistics I am taking the M train for the first time ever.

I picked it up at 52nd and Lexington and if you are interested in seeing some fantastic mosaics this is the place to hop on the train.  These glass mosaics were installed in 2004 and created by Al Held.  
a must -see in person... the iphone doesn't do them justice!
Love the ribbon mosaic that undulates along the wall.

There is so much art throughout the New York  Subway system.  Luckily there is  a pretty good interactive website that allows you to see examples of the art and indicates the line and stop where you can see it.  Pretty cool. Would make for an interesting day of culture with some out -of- towners.  Or just a little cultcha during the day.  Do you have any favorite underground art installations?  For more art in public spaces check my Culture on the Run post on work by the artist Peter Woytuk.