Friday, February 17, 2012

My Youngest on the Sartorialist!!

So I've been meaning to post about NY Fashion Week but  time is not in abundance these days.
 In the meantime, I was tickled to see my little one on the Sartorialist !!  Here she is working away.... I was lucky enough to attend the J. Crew Fall 2012 presentation this past Valentine's Day and so were my daughters.  I figured a once in a life-time opportunity for them so missed a bit of school that morning. They were in awe of all the goings-on around them and loved looking at the clothes up-close.  Downside is that I didn't get to inspect the clothing  nor photograph as they had my camera and I was following them around!!

Here are a few pics from the perspective of a  4' 5" little person.

A few people have asked what she (the kid not the models)  is wearing: a polka-dot mini skirt from crewcuts and the rest is a combo-platter of what she consider fashionable.  Always interesting.