Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Say Sorry Sista!!

This just may come off as just too adorable but oh well.  Recently, my daughters were in a squabble over god-knows-what.  As I listened to them in the background I tried to remind myself that yes, this is all part of the sibling , emotional development thing and right on time developmentally...  but it can be sooooooo irritating!!  And the issue so inane!!
I used to feel it was necessary to intervene at every mishap but I now step in only when I feel they are being particularly accusatory and rude.... It escalated and then I heard giggles....

And this is what I found:

Notice "of" where it should be "have"

Who needs the "s"?

not enough "M"'s but an upside-down W works just as well.

all resolved.... 

Of course for official ways to apologize check out this blog called Pick the Brain.  Or try a search. Myriads of information.  We could all use a brush-up on that particular "How to"....

Have a good weekend.