Sunday, November 6, 2011

Apple Pressing in New York

We have friends who invite all their friends over for an  Apple Pressing Party in October.  There is always great food, a tent, and lots of activities for the kids.

Here are some images of  how it's done:


And if you're courageous you too can own your very own fruit press.  Just check out the Pleasant Hill Grain's Fruit and Wine Presses for all the supplies.

After it is all done we all leave with these:

Jugs of fresh apple cider/juice to enjoy right away or freeze for later!!

While all this apple grinding is going on the kids are busy crafting and playing:

Here's one cowgirl busy at work- dusting sparkle on a pumpkin!
Here are some of the things the kids came up with (pre-Halloween):

A happy winner:

And before its all over the kids get a hayride on the tractor:

And they're off!!

 This was the perfect way to end the day!!   Thanks for the great party...We can't wait for next year!

xo CP

ps.  Stay tuned for my post on crafting with Pins and Needles and Martha Stewart's Family Room blog.  Lots of pics on the way!!