Saturday, August 13, 2011

Decorate: The Book by Holly Becker

As a former Blogging Your Way  (BYW) student I was recently invited to a book signing for Holly Becker's new book Decorate at the Anthropologie store in NYC:

I was a bit late with the RSVP but I'm on the list now so I'm hoping to see other BYWers I met online, at the book signing.   (Holly writes a terrifically successful blog decor8)  She is the ultimate blogger and writer ; creating her own opportunities working creatively on the web.
Will let you know how the event goes!  In the meantime check out her book:

Who doesn't love a fun decorating book with lots of ideas and resources?  Can't wait to get my copy. Been holding off for too long!

Tell me what you think of the book.  It's gotten terrific reviews!!