Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Break and The MakerFaire in Detroit

Over at Susannah Conway's blog I am participating in her August Break.  The idea is that every day for the month of August,  bloggers share one photo. If they can... no pressure!!  So far I've only posted once so I better get going!!

Last weekend we went to the MakerFaire in Detroit and there were lots of fun photo ops!!

Here's my first set of photos from the fair:

Do you think the guy hot-glued everything to this little truck/car?

And where did he find all this stuff? Garage Sales?

And aren't these little faces cute?

OK. So signing off until tomorrow with some more photos....  Be sure to go over to my last post. Another fun activity from the MakerFaire.  It's a  DIY marbleizing project...