Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday Party Craft- Marbleized Book Marks

Last year I wrote a post about an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party I threw for my eldest daughter.  Unexpectedly (to me at least)  it gets the most views on my blog... Guess it's telling me something.

I am visiting my family in Detroit and decided to take the kids to the Maker Faire over the weekend.  It was a science craft-driven fair (organized by the group of websites).  Lots of fun stuff to do and see but this was the activity that my kids loved the most so here's my first tutorial...

Marbleized Book Marks

The Result:

You'll need:

  • 1 can shaving cream ( any brand will do, just nothing with menthol!!)
  • Food Coloring
  • cardboard square at least 12"x12"
  • aluminum foil
  • long skewer sticks or wooden dowels
  •  Spackling tool
  • strips of paper sized for book marks.  
The Steps:

1. Cover a surface with aluminum foil. I use a dry cleaner shirt cardboard. Tape to table. Spray out some of the shaving cream on to the surface.

2. Using a dropper,  add food coloring of choice.

3. Use a dowel or wooden stick to swirl the colors around.  Don't over do it - you'll end up with a brown mess. Here we swirled horizontally.  (It's not obvious but the  stick is at the bottom of the  right-hand corner of this photo.)

4. Here we used the stick to pull the colors down vertically.

5. place bookmark-sized paper on top of marbleized shaving cream.  Lift off and put down on a clean piece of foil.

6.  Using a spackling knife scrape off the foam starting from the bottom and scraping upward.
 Lift off foil, let dry  and you have a bookmark.

We used basic 20 lb. paper but next time I'd like to try it with a heavier weight paper and possibly try covering a box with it...

I hope this helps with at least one activity for your next birthday party or maybe a rainy Saturday afternoon one day this Fall.... Tell me what you make with your beautiful paper!