Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chess and Fashion - What else?

Living in New York  has some unexpected advantages.  PR is big here and so are the parties.  I recently went to a party at Christies for a one night exhibition  of : A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes, Fashion and Chess, which "examines the archetypes of the queen and how these archetypes connect the seemingly disparate realms of chess and fashion."  This was a sneak preview organized and conceived by Susan Barrett, director of the   World Chess Hall of Fame located in St. Louis, Missouri.

There were lots of interesting pieces in the exhibition and even some good people watching! Here are my faves from the exhibitions (real people later):

Sandra Backlund 2007, made of paper
Examine the paper top closely.  It's cootie catchers  that are somehow attached -- at least that's what they look like. Remember those?

Gucci SS 2011,  Private Collection, gold with bead and feather embellishment

Bubble Dress, Hussein Chalayan, 2007

Alexander McQueen, SS 2009
Fully Encrusted Swarovski Crystal Bell Jar Dress
Natural Dis-tinction, Un-natural Selection Collection 

Photographing inanimate objects is relatively easy but I'm a bit shy when it comes to photographing people i don't know.... Just wanted to show some of the fabulous people.

This women looked pretty great in her red jumpsuit.

This was a pretty frothy number.  Looked fun to wear too.

And the perquisite Hollywood star...The blond in the white lace skirt/dress is Radha Mitchell of the ABC TV series, Red Widow.


And what's this?  A detail of a beautiful painting on the wall of the exhibition room.  Not so sure it has anything to do with Fashion and/or Chess but I really wish I had snapped the information about it.... and taken a photo of the entire portrait... it was late and we were on our way to the Monkey Bar for dinner so ....

Thinking early 1800's.  Love the beautiful empire waist gown.

Look at the hand - so beautifully positioned!