Tuesday, October 16, 2012

J. Crew People Gazing

Ok I'm milking this for all it's worth.  Just had to write one more post about J. Crew.  It was lots of great people-watching!!! So see for yourself:   (And scroll down, I saved the best one for last)

Here is Jenna Lyons, President and Executive Creative Director of J. Crew with Mickey Drexler , chairman and CEO of J. Crew Group and Glenda Bailey editor in chief of Harper's Bazaar.


Jenna Lyons, Glenda Bailey, Mickey Drexler
Joe Zee

Elle's Creative Director and  host, mentor and Svengali of Sundance's All on the Line: Joe Zee.   I had no shame, just flashed one in his face as he was flashing in someone elses.... Hope he didn't mind.

Nina Garcia ( the blurry bit)

And Nina Garcia,  Marie Claire Fashion Director and Project Runway Judge -  Clearly I have to figure out how to work my camera so that I focus on the actual person instead of the Ray- Banned head of hair  in front of me... something about depth of field.....

Not sure who she is but looks so familiar.
    Saw these guys snapping pics of the girl with the enormous blossom in her hair...turns out it was Peony Lim, blogger for http://peonylim.blogspot.com/

Peony Lim, blogger

And drum roll please:  Now J. Crew covers the gamut from Michele Obama to BEYONCE ( I know there's an accent on the last E but beats me how I can get it on there) Apparently her sister Salonge is a big J. Crew fan and wore one of the J. Crew pieces by Prabal Gurung.  Guess Salonge thought it would be fun to bring here sister along.... it was sure fun for all of us snapping away but I'm too short to get a very good pic of Beyonce. This was the best I could get!!

So this ends the J. Crew experience for now. It was lots of fun to see and be there for all the excitement.