Friday, December 30, 2011

Vacation in Snowy Paris

December has been a crazy month and my posting has suffered the consequences so now it's time to get back on the horse!  I can't believe that last December we were in Paris!! 

It was one of our best family trips and just as perfect for kids as it is for adults.  I never posted these photos but was feeling nostalgic so here they are. 

The day we visited the Louvre we also took a ride on the  Ferris Wheel.
Ferris Wheel in Paris
 And the day we went to the Tour Eiffel ( always buy tickets well in advance) it was closed due to snow. But I did get some great photos!

under the Eiffel Tower
 Because of the complete shutdown ( and not a sign or person in sight) we took the kids to the carousel across the street...

And this is just a photo I took near the carousel.  It was snowing and so beautiful.

If you are planning a trip to Paris just click "Paris" under the labels section of my blog and all my posts on places to stay, see and visit is listed there.

Happy Almost New Year!!!  2012 has a nice ring to it....