Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Ferris Wheel in Paris?

I had the best intentions of keeping up the blog while away but between jet lag, children and some bad DSL lines it became impossible.  Now we are in Switzerland with friends so all lines are clear!

So starting from the beginning of our trip in Paris....

Day 1

Carousel du Louvre

We started off at the Metro Station St. Paul where my husband was promptly pick-pocketed.  A first and hopefully last for us... We waited in the Carousel du Louvre (shopping mall at the entrance to the Louvre) for awhile while he called to cancel his cards.  Fun people watching and an upside down pyramid!

Finally, lots of beautiful grand halls and of course ART :

The Mona Lisa:
Just because
Yes- awful photo but what's the pernt?  It's hard to see from 9 ft away and there are so many good images of it in books and on the web...

By the time we had finished it was dark outside and SNOWING.  A Walk through the Jardin des Tuileries with a huge Ferris wheel in sight:

We told our kids that the Ferris wheel was for Christmas decoration only and that the Ferris wheel couldn't possibly be in operation.... We were WRONG.  Each car was enclosed in glass and the photo above at the right bottom is from the very top of the wheel... It was fun but pretty freezing.

More in the next few days....