Friday, October 14, 2011

Pleated Skirt in Vintage Fabric

Yes, I am the great procrastinator with certain things- unless of course there is a fire under my a__.  Anyway I have this beautiful polished cotton fabric that I have kept since high school.   Let's just say it could definitely be classified as vintage material AND I still love it.  Anyway when I was at design school we learned how to make a pleated skirt and since this fabric is a wallpaper print (i think that's what it's called ) I figure it would be the perfect guinea pig to try it out.  This is a close up of the fabric when pleated:

I decided to give it a ribbon waistband instead of the traditional same fabric.  I love how this ribbon tape goes with the fabric.

Now its made but I have to re-do a few things to adjust it and make it fit me. Ugh - it never works the first time but at least I am able to figure it out.  I will show a pic when I have finished and might even write a tutorial on it!!

Have a happy Friday!!