Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Easy Plum Cake for Fall

Hi there,

Looking for an easy delicious dessert for the Fall season.  This one is excellent.  
The  recipe is from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine :

This is before pouring in the shortcake dough:

And this is after baking and flipping the cake onto a cake plate

The recipe calls for one plum but I used two. It's like a plum version of Tarte Tatin the French upside down apple cake made in a cast iron frying pan... caramelized fruit is delish!

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the cake on a cake stand (of course the people at Martha thought to do that) but that's one of those things on my wish list... have never gotten one.

This recipe was super easy and so satisfying aesthetically and taste-wise. It really turned out exactly as pictured in Food Magazine!  It looks impressive and is so easy. A perfect sweet for Fall.

Note: The recipe calls for buttermilk so for a brief moment I thought of substituting the dough with a bisquik shortbread recipe.  So glad I didn't. The cake had a beautiful texture and melts in the mouth.  I also refrained from adding orange zest and poppy seeds which are probably a nice-to-have but I didn't want to get guff from the peanut gallery here...