Friday, May 6, 2011

A Modern Answer to Display the itsy bitsy stuff

I am in the process of finally pulling together my daughters' bedroom. Up to present it has kind of resembled a dorm room... toys stuffed in drawers. clothes all over the place and nothing (eek!!) on the walls. I am in the process of changing all that.  Think I'll throw in some before and after pics too one of these days. Anyway this little shelving unit caught my eye and I can't stop thinking about it!!  I want one (or two) somethin' awful.

While noodling around on  I found this wonderful playhouse shaped shallow shelf unit thing-y... The best I can describe it I'm afraid.  It  is perfect for creating a vignette in your child's room just as easily as it could be used in a grown up 's room or in my case my workroom. It's called the Dorm and it's made by ferm living.   Ferm means "clever" in Danish.  The company is a home decor collection based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I am loving the Scandinavian look now. Very crisp, uncluttered and clean!!  And they are right. This piece is definitely clever!!!

Here is another variation on the theme. These would look  great next to a bed. I think I might use them for next to the bunk beds on the wall. A nice place to put a glass of water! 

Luckily you don't have to travel to Denmark to get this great pieces.  Ferm living has a US website where you can buy the items you desire.  Please check it out. They have so many cool and interesting things they have created!!  Another place to check out is their blog Clever Spaces

That's all for now... gotta get back to cleaning up after the week of spackling, painting and repairing...
Sweet Dreams!