Friday, January 14, 2011

[The list]

 This all started when Peggy at Paul et Paula forwarded an assignment given to her by her pal at papier, ciseaux, cailloux.   Peggy passed it along  and asked a bunch of us to do the same so here are the questions she poses (and my answers)

1 Why did you start blogging?
2 What kind of blogs do you like/ read ?
3 Your favorite make up brand...
3b Your favorite car ...
4 Your favorite fashion label...
5 Your must have bathroom product...
6 Your favorite color...
7 Your perfume...
8 Your favorite movie...
9 Which country would you like to see and why?
10 What would be the perfect working enviroment for you?
Here are my answers:
 The list by CinderellaPatch
as collage:
The list

1. Curiosity and a need for structure
2. All things handmade, photography, interior design and cozy
3b.old Fiat
4. This is a tough one.... Marni, Lanvin, YSL and J.Crew
5. Redken
6. More than one: eggplant and shocking pink
7. Jo Malone
8. The Painted Veil
9. India for the cultcha, food, and brilliant colors (esp shocking pink)
10. using my hands to create and working along side friends in a sunny huge studio
11. My favorite book: The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

This is my first attempt at polyvore. spent wayyy too much time on it but it was fun making the collage!!

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'S all for now....
Have a good weekend!!