Monday, June 28, 2010

The Best Sour Cherry Pie Recipe EVER!!

Now is the season for sour cherries.  The New York Times just published the Recipe for Twice Baked Sour Cherry Pie.    I couldn't resist.  I ran out to the Farmer's Market on Greenwich Street and bought about $40 worth of cherries to make 2 pies. One for Sunday and one for a later date.  The recipe was super easy and fun to make. Here is what the pie looked like before I put it in the oven:
Before brushing it with whipping cream and dusting with demerara sugar!

 Aside from the fact that I had been looking for a sour cherry pie recipe I was really interested in making this pie because I wouldn't have to make the traditional top-of-pie crust.  Those always end up looking amateurish (and ugly) whenever I try my  hand at them.  So I dug out some of my cookie cutters and made a variation on the design in the Times.
This is the magic ingredient that makes the pie have the perfect consistency!

The next day I brought it to a friends house for a little picnic on the porch and everybody loved it!!   It was also the easiest and best crust I'd ever made.
The finished product.

So go ahead. Try this recipe while the sour cherries are still in season.  I pitted the rest of the cherries and they are now in the freezer for the next time I feel like making some home made cherry pie!!  Let me know how your pie tastes or if you have other recipes for sour cherries. BTW the crust was divine!

P.S. This dessert was accompanied by donuts from The Donut Plant

(for some reason their website takes a long time to load but worth the wait)  and incredible cupcakes flown in from Santa Barbara California. For those of you who love Magnolia  ( I have a preference for Duncan Hines cupcakes)

And one more treat: These cupcakes are the best (or the bomb as Heidi says) So far -not at a store near you if you live in NYC but who knows?  If you ever find yourself in Santa Barbara you must try these Whodidily cupcakes.  Imported from SB! They were pretty amazing. All sorts of flavors and some of them had cookie dough in the center.  One day I'd like to try the Love you a latte or Monkey Love cupcake,  The kiddies loved them as did the adults. 

Needless to say we rolled away from the table and headed to the pool to work off some of those unnecessary calories.  I can't wait for the next sweet extravaganza/pool party !!