Monday, April 16, 2012

Snapshots in the Daily Life: Fendi

I haven't posted at all in April.  Have been busy with de-cluttering, neatening and straightening of apartment to rent apartment while scouring the web and using my honed and determined  detective skills to rent a no-fee apartment closer to our kids school.  I have seen some pretty cool stuff and some strange stuff and the search goes on....In the meantime a couple of photos:

taken with the instagram app

photo taken with iphone

And some window shopping:

I was surprised to see this dress (and a few others I haven't included)  in the window at Fendi's on Fifth Avenue.  Very housemaid-ish or maybe a doily dress?  Not sure it would look good on anyone.  Tried for a close-up. Kinda tough with the reflection but gives an idea:

 I like the bags. Seems to be a native american theme going on here:

 You can see more Spring 2012 Fendi bags at the purse blog.