Thursday, September 1, 2011

[I am a Beach Rock Junkie.]

Well pebbles is probably a better description.  I have always loved shopping (shallow, I know, but there is something about that high) but ever since starting a family and the changing economic situation over the years I have reduced my shopping forays to practically nil.

I have to admit it always bothered me that shopping gave me such pleasure.  I have searched high and low for the why behind it and all I can conclude is that it has something to do with hunting and gathering. The thrill of the hunt!!  Capturing the beast!!  Ohh the Prada bags and shoes. The Joseph trousers.  APC jeans..... those were the days of my shopping trips to London, Paris, Milan et autre.

Now my life is quite different and I have found something that is equally as satisfying and costs NOTHING, NADA, NIENTE, RIEN !!!

 Photos of the beginning of my collection.  Pebble Beaches are the BEST!!  But I do like sandy beaches for sun-bathing and swimming....  More Photos of my fave rocks and environments to come.