Thursday, June 30, 2011

Visit the New York High Line

If you are planning a visit to NYC or just looking for something different to do with out-of-town guests this summer,  the High Line should definitely be on your list!  The High Line has just finished its expansion, opening phase II from 20th to 30th Street .  There were great stops for food  (Governor's Island please take note)  and at  30th Street the art installation Rainbow City great for kids and adults.  So, some photos for your perusal:

Our itinerary:

  1.  Cab  to Gansevoort and  West 14th Street
  2. Admire  beautiful plantings ,landscaping and views.
  3. Be sure to get a drink at one of  the talking water fountains Yes, it's art. 

view from the high line

seating area looking out onto the street

Just flowers

As we ended our tour we were surprised to see lots of bright stripes and dots and floaty looking things.  These are photos of Rainbow City:

As far as refreshments, go to the Lot.  Located at the uppermost part of the  High Line a temporary plaza has been set up with an outdoor bar, food trucks,  and picnic tables. It was a great and delicious way to end our little tour.... Two "gourmet" trucks await you as does the The Lot on Tap.  It's a pretty cool idea. The big long bar and the beers on tap not to mention the fabulous choice of mexican dishes (see pic of tacos which were great) or the Korean BBQ.  It was hard to choose!!