Thursday, January 20, 2011

[Pratt, Paper and Pucci in MACY*S windows]

Generally I don't go to Macy's but I had to return something today and was there at opening time.  Much more pleasant experience and the added bonus was the windows on Broadway.

This week Macy's windows are featuring "Pratt+Paper & Ralph Pucci "dressed" with Paper clothing.  It is the result of a collaboration between the  Pratt Institute and Ralph Pucci.  Students from the disciplines of fashion, industrial, interior design and fine arts worked a full semester (Sounds like Project Runway) on creating beautiful paper dresses using these modern Pucci mannequins.  I took these photos with my iphone so please bear with their quality.

Origami, folding , bunching, snipping and laser-cutting were all techniques used to mold their pieces to the figure.   There were some really beautiful pieces...I bet the same could be done with very stiff fabric.... Try to get there before they take them down on January 26!!!