Friday, January 22, 2010

Granny Squares on the Brain

Never thought I'd say this but I am dying to start 2 granny square projects.  The first is a beautiful circle in square granny that I saw on the  Rosy Little Things blog by Alicia Paulson. Until last week I had no idea who she was but came across while googling crochet projects.  I LOVE her blog and it inspired me to start this blog.  At any rate I cannot wait for her to publish the how-to of those squares.

Another granny project is a baby blanket I found on the ohdeedoh website (part of www. apartment  It's the modern take on the baby blanket. I LOVE the colors. And who says it has to be for a baby.

Actually there is a 3rd project involving granny squares using Koigu wool yarn.  I have to make that up b/c I have the yarn. I  saw a sample of it at on the Upper West side in NYC. The yarn is so beautifully dyed and the colors are so saturated and crisp.   I need to take some pics of what I've made with that yarn...