Friday, August 21, 2009

Julie and Julia was great!

I love Merryl Streep and the actress who played Julie was a wonderful actress too. Couldn't believe it made my kind of fklempt!! Julia couldn't have children and instead of focusing on that she was able to find a passion in her life that really mattered. It's just another story that confirms doing what you love can only lead to success even if that success is only your own. In her case it became much more than that. Not sure I could ever cook all those recipes. Yikes - I'd be a one ton tessy for shore!! I know butter is good and all that but sometimes I just like plain ole food!!

It brought tears to my eyes, made me laugh and really helped me concentrate on what it is I need to get back to in my life. CREATIVITY!! I've been told I'm ADD and I guess I believe it. But I do know that when something interests me I really can stick with it. For the last 10 years thats been my children with a little work sprinkled in. Now I have to get back to my interests and really pursue them. Just have to nail down what that would be... making clothes, home furnishings, photography? This will be my workbook for that- At least that is the plan.