Friday, March 22, 2013

Making Fresh Orange Juice

I'm in California now so I thought it would be fitting to write a post about fresh orange juice.

Want to know a secret to making beautiful and delicious and fresh Orange Juice?  You don't have to use only "juice" oranges to make it.  Juice oranges by the way, are the ugly oranges at the grocers. They are meant for squeezing.  For a unique flavor and color, I mix in other varieties.

I used:
12 juice oranges - your basic orange orange when sliced open
2  blood red oranges - a rich red meaty looking pulp
2  Cara-Cara orange - new orange, pink on the inside and so juicy. can be eaten on its own like a navel orange.

 I always wash the oranges first - because god knows who has been touching them along the way to the grocer's refrigerated section.  Once all are sliced in half I start the juicing process with my well-used Braun juicer.

There are lots of different oranges out there you can also use:
temple   (These have a funny nob on one end)

 I  add the blood oranges when I can find them. It's got a meaty pulp and it has a certain tang to it that takes the edge off the sweetness of the juice oranges.  An added bonus is the beautiful red pulp that makes the mix of orange juice look so good and refreshing.   For more on the different varieties check out this link at my citrus tree.

left: virgin juice   right: blood orange added 

I find it only lasts 2 days maximum. Any longer and it gets a funny taste- still drinkable but never as good as the day you squeeze it.

Now go out and buy yourself some oranges and get juicing people!!

P.S. It's killing me here... Everywhere I go there is some lemon tree just sitting in someone's front yard. The fragrance is crazy good you just have to stop, breathe it in and enjoy the moment.