Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Decoration on a dime (or less...)

I scored big time today!  I've been looking for just the right sized shelves for the bathroom in our new rental... I really wanted something somewhat unique but I had finally succumbed to the idea that I would spend $100 on an Ikea  limhamn shelf

Ikea shelf $99

Don't get me wrong -- I love Ikea but it can be so identifiable which is fine for a few things but I think I've reached the limit.

So I confess: I found this piece on the street this morning!!  OK  I know about the evil bed bug thing but someone in my building was throwing it away so I feel safe...

I couldn't resist looking for it on ebay. It was easy to find even though there is no label on it. People were asking between $70 and $200... so I feel like I won the lottery today.

Here it is in its new home:

The bawthroom is rawther small (as Eloise would say) so it was hard to get it at a good angle. 
I can't believe it fits so perfectly.   Hope you like!