Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Detour to NYC Plant District

Not bad for the iphone camera, right?  This is a view of West 28th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway on a recent trip to the Plant District.  Whenever I'm in Chelsea I try to go by the Plant District  to  check out the flowers and walk on the  plant-filled sidewalks.
  I love to breathe in the wonderful feeling of a summer day  or in the winter, the smell of Christmas.  You can find the most beautiful magnolia leaf wreathes and amazing ranunculus amongst all the amazing other foliage and flora they sell.

So if you're just visiting NYC or want to make your own designs, find the right designer or take a class here is a list of my resources:

1.  Fischer and  Paige
my favorite go-to place for the holidays and all parties.... I always buy too many flowers!

2. Jamali Garden
great for vases, tissue wrap , ribbon of all kinds and lovely little butterflies and birds that can be hot-glued to anything you like.

3. little flower school
One of these days I'm going to take a class with Nicolette and Sarah.  Check out their website. Such beautiful flowers and beautifully photographed as well. They teach from their studio as well as the New York Botanical Gardens

4.emily thompson flowers
For drooling purposes, check out sculptor/floral designer Emily Thompson flowers and the beautiful designs she created for the Chanel Launch party this spring at la Grenouille.  It reminds me of something you might find in the Little Curiosity Shop in the Dickens novel....

That's it for tonight!
xo CP