Friday, November 11, 2011

Mats Gustafson Stockholm Apartment

For those of you who may have missed last Sunday's New York Times Magazine I thought you might like to see this beautiful apartment in Sweden.  It belongs to Mats Gustafson who is my favorite contemporary fashion illustrator.

I think his place is completely dreamy.... wish I had it in me to make our place look so great.

To see more of his apartment go to my illustrations pinterest board and also be sure to read about him at  t magazine blog

I couldn't end the post without showing you some examples of Mats G's work:

Have a good Wednesday ! CP

Crafting Ideas for the Holidays [ hosted by the Martha Stewart Family Blog and Pins and Needles NYC !!!!]

Blogging is like having children.... You get to meet lots of interesting people that you may have never met otherwise.

One such person is Rachel Low , owner of Pins and Needles.   We met last year thanks to another blogger who suggested I visit her new shop and to say hello to Rachel. We've kept in touch since then and Rachel invited me to a holiday crafting event in her store she co-hosted with the people at Martha Stewart's Family Blog.

I didn't know what to expect but I knew it would be fun and Rachel's store is the perfect fit for Martha Stewart!

As soon as I reached the landing I could hear the store humming with activity.  Young and old were working away at their various crafts:

 Notions and potions:

Various stations were set-up to make cards, gift tags, ornaments and colorful barrettes .  Here's a sampling :
“Photo by Mike Krautter. Courtesy of Martha Stewart’s “Living in the Family Room” Blog.”

“Photo by Mike Krautter. Courtesy of Martha Stewart’s “Living in the Family Room” Blog.”
“Photo by Mike Krautter. Courtesy of Martha Stewart’s “Living in the Family Room” Blog.”
 I'm definitely going to make these crafts with my kids and their friends sometime before the holidays.
If you'd like to add these projects to your to-do list be sure to check out the how-to's at the following links:  (all thanks to the Martha Stewart Family blog)

Button Cards, Button Barrettes, Felt Bags, Ginger bread people and felt/chalkboard tags and  ornaments

 Just a few more pics... I love craft supplies!!

And while I was there I  munched on some lovely cookies provided by Elenis Cookies while checking out  the books for sale at Pins and Needles.

I couldn't leave without checking out Martha's new book Holiday Crafts which is on my to-buy list now.    On the way out we all were treated to a dream (at least my dream)  goodie bag.  It was fun for a change to leave with a party favor for moi instead of my kids.  The people at Martha Stewart stuffed the adorable polka-dot "Pins and Needles" bags with Crafting supplies and the new "Special Collector's Edition" of the Holiday Handbook:

And last but not least it was so great to meet  Darcy Miller, Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings,   Jenn Andrlik, Crafts and Holidays Editor,, and all the other friendly and creative people from Martha Stewart.

And as a P.S.:
This is a photo of me with Darcy Miller (on the left).  Couldn't resist asking for a photo of us together. If you don't know her you should.  Check out Darcy's see what she is up to as writer, editor, illustrator and more. Check out  her scrapboxing and how you can do it too.  It was so fun meeting her and getting to chat a bit about kids, crafting and work.  She makes it all look easy!

Have fun making your crafts and be sure to check out the Martha Stewart family blog for lots more ideas .   And if you live in NYC or are just here for a visit I highly recommend a visit to the Pins and Needles store on the Upper East Side in New York !!  If you are geographically challenged you can visit her blog and check out her online shop as well

Thanks so much Rachel for including me!!   I can't wait to see what you come up with next!!
xo CP

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Apple Pressing in New York

We have friends who invite all their friends over for an  Apple Pressing Party in October.  There is always great food, a tent, and lots of activities for the kids.

Here are some images of  how it's done:


And if you're courageous you too can own your very own fruit press.  Just check out the Pleasant Hill Grain's Fruit and Wine Presses for all the supplies.

After it is all done we all leave with these:

Jugs of fresh apple cider/juice to enjoy right away or freeze for later!!

While all this apple grinding is going on the kids are busy crafting and playing:

Here's one cowgirl busy at work- dusting sparkle on a pumpkin!
Here are some of the things the kids came up with (pre-Halloween):

A happy winner:

And before its all over the kids get a hayride on the tractor:

And they're off!!

 This was the perfect way to end the day!!   Thanks for the great party...We can't wait for next year!

xo CP

ps.  Stay tuned for my post on crafting with Pins and Needles and Martha Stewart's Family Room blog.  Lots of pics on the way!!

Holiday Crafting in NYC at Pins and Needles

I'm so excited.  My friend Rachel has invited me to a crafting event she will be having in her store Pins and Needles  this Thursday November 10 6-8pm.

This event is extra special:  Pins and Needles is  teaming up with Martha Stewart's Living in the Family Room Blog to host this fun evening.

Rachel has a beautiful light- filled shop/studio on the Upper East Side full of the latest beautiful fabrics, crafting kits, books and notions.  She also has a great offering of sewing classes for you and yours!!

Here's a little preview of her pretty space (photos taken last May for a book signing event):

   If you live in NYC or just visiting that day I know you  will have lots of fun crafting , shopping and meeting new people.

  I can't wait to see what's new in the store and what Rachel and the Martha Stewart people have in store for us!!

xo CP